Photo Critiques

Now you can receive personal feedback from Ken Duncan on your own photos.

One of the most difficult aspects of photography is picture editing. 

Picture editing is an art in itself – something that is developed over time, and with lots of experience­. 

Now you can submit images online and receive an email from Ken Duncan within 1 week, giving you his personal feedback on each photo, with his recommendations for improvement.

Many people enter competitions in an attempt to receive feedback on their photos.  That’s OK if you are just after accolades or awards.  But the best feedback you can get is from someone with a proven track record in the industry; someone who knows what it takes to get published and to sell your work. 

Ken Duncan has 30 years experience in the photographic industry and has won national and international awards for his work.  He has completed assignments for major magazines and been invited to shoot on film sets.  His images have been published in over 70 individual book titles and he has sold over 2.5 million books world-wide.  Through his seminars, workshops and expeditions, Ken has helped many hundreds of people learn how to take better photos. 

Ken not only knows how to recognise a good photo, but also to explain how an ordinary photo taken in a beautiful location could have been a great photo – potentially an award-winning photo.

Through Ken’s Critique Service, you can have this diversity and depth of experience applied to your own photographs.

No matter where you want to take your photography – turning professional, selling artworks, or just taking better photos of people - getting the right advice, from someone who’s got years of experience in the photographic industry, will fast-track you along the road to success.

Submit your images online, following the specifications outlined, and within 2 weeks you will receive an email with Ken’s written critique on each photo.


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