Evening Solace, Qld


Evening Solace, QLD 2/300
50 inch print
Framed Dimensions 1625 mm x 780 mm
Contemporary White Frame - White Mat

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This serene twilight moment took place well after sundown on Sunset Beach, Lizard Island. If you love pristine beaches, crystal clear water, world class marine life and reefs, this tropical paradise off the Queensland coast should be on your bucket list.

I had photographed the sunset here and that was great. I felt like I had the shot in the bag, so I was about to pack up and head back to the hotel. However, the twilight kept lingering and I couldn’t leave. The light continued to unfold like a blossoming flower. Everyone else had gone and I was left alone to enjoy the moment. It reinforced for me something I have learned in life, but often need to be reminded of: Never give up, because you may yield just before the real miracle happens. It’s not over till it’s over - and even then, tomorrow is another day.


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Evening Solace, Qld

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