Golden Days


Golden Days 166/300
50 inch print
Framed Dimensions 1626 mm x 782 mm
Contemporary Timber Frame - White mat

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I love this historic cottage because it captures a slice of Australia´s living heritage. The first part of the house was built by Jon Krohmann in 1855 while establishing market gardens to supply the goldfields. By 1870, the Gold Rush had reached Krohmann´s own town of Hill End. Krohmann prospered and the house grew. Today his dwelling is lovingly cared for by his own descendants. On the day I visited, the weather seemed too overcast for photography, and so I escaped with my father (who was travelling with me) for a steak at the local pub. Suddenly we saw the sunset just peeping through the clouds and we raced back for this brief but unforgettable view. I photographed the scene from the top of my vehicle, which helped give the shot great depth and captured a delightful fusion of colour and rustic charm.

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Golden Days

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