Heartland, Haasts Bluff


Heartland, Haasts Bluff 183/200
50 inch print
Framed Dimensions 1626 mm x 782 mm
Contemporary Timber Frame - White mat

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A pattern of dust over a dry creek bed is caught magnificently in the low morning sun. This is a shot that had existed for years in my mind before it became a reality. We were travelling along the road (seen here on the right) behind the dust of another car. Suddenly I saw the possibilities, so we stopped and set up the camera. Then I asked my assistant to get back into the vehicle and hoon by on the road. We had to do it again and again - much to my assistant’s delight! - before the dust, the light and the wind came together. But what a reward it was to capture such a classic Aussie scene.

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Heartland, Haasts Bluff

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