Junction Pool


Junction Pool 34/300
50 inch print
Framed Dimensions 1625 mm x 780 mm
Mocca Frame - White mat

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Almost eerie and yet intensely beautiful, Junction Pool marks the convergence of five ancient gorges in the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia. Few visitors ever venture into the depths of these ravines. The drops are precipitous and there are waterfalls and flooded valleys to be negotiated. But arriving at this pool is its own reward. The mineral-rich cliffs are stark and beautiful, their layered formations cut by the waters over millennia into fantastic shapes. Often the greatest prizes are reserved for those who dare to go where no one else will go. For me, visiting Junction Pool was like a first meeting with someone who becomes a lifelong friend. I love this photo so much I want to go back there every time I see it. It"s like I have unfinished business in this area.


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Junction Pool

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