Peaceful Waters, Tas


Peaceful Waters 160/200
50 inch print
Framed Dimensions 1625 mm x 780 mm
Contemporary White Frame - White mat

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As guest speaker for a photographic conference, I was privileged to spend a few days in this lovely area of the Freycinet Peninsula. I was sharing about many different aspects of my work, and at one point I told the group, “One of the hardest parts about photography is getting out of bed.” During a lunch break, I noticed this wharf reaching out from the hotel and thought perhaps it was worth a shot. So, the next morning, I arose well before sunrise to capture the pre-dawn pastels painting the scene before me. What a wonderful way it was to start the day. And what a pity it was that so many other potentially great photographers had slept in – in preparation for their next lesson!


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Peaceful Waters, Tas

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