Zeal for Life, Kenya


Zeal for Life, Kenya 4/300
50 inch print
Framed Dimensions 1626 mm x 782 mm
Contemporary Mocha Frame - White mat

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This shot of a group of zebras - also referred to as a “zeal” - was taken in Kenya.  That’s partly why I’ve called the image Zeal for Life.  What I love about this shot is that it’s a magical moment of light.  This is not a PhotoShop creation, but a real instant in time.  You can see that these zebras have every angle covered - they’re zealously watching all around them.  They have to be extremely cautious, because all the predators just love to eat zebra.  In this image you get a sense of their hyper-alertness - there is something electrifying about the scene.  This shot reminds us to not take for granted those things around us.  Look around, be zealous, be passionate about life.  In doing that, you’ll really find out what life’s all about.

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Zeal for Life, Kenya

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