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As a Photographer, Who Inspires You?

The inaugural Aperture Australia Conference, held in Sydney in April 2018, was an amazing event. Huge congratulations to Glenn McKimmin for undertaking this mammoth task. I personally loved it because I got to hear about the experiences of other great Australian photographers who I greatly admire.

Over 600 people attended this landmark event. Anyone who loves the art of photography – or who aspires to pursue photography as a career – should have been there.

But if you missed Aperture 2018, you should definitely make a point of attending Aperture 2019, wherever it is being held. (I believe it may be in Melbourne in 2019)

One of the main things I took away from Aperture 2018 was this: If you really want to pursue your dream of becoming a photographer, it’s not necessarily going to be easy. Your journey will require passion, commitment, and a great deal of time and energy. And you often need to be willing to put everything on the line to pull off a big project – or sometimes just to stay the course.

A classic line from Gary Heery, a portrait photographer who has shot more celebrities than most people have had hot breakfasts, was, “You have to take risks to achieve serendipity”.

Megan Lewis, outstanding documentary photographer, said “Don’t listen to what the fears in your head say; follow your gut feeling.”

Don’t miss Aperture 2019. Check out www.apertureaustralia.com.au for news.

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