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Ken Duncan Auction - Sunrise at the Cross on Memory Mountain

Have you been following the progress of the Cross on Memory Mountain?

Have you ever dreamed of owning No. 1/300 of a Ken Duncan Limited Edition Print?

Maybe you already have one and you’d like to add another to your collection?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, read on for your reward!

Here is your opportunity to grab No. 1/300 of a gorgeous new Ken Duncan print and help a very worthy cause. Ken is looking forward to launching a new exhibition in his Erina Heights Gallery on December 10th. But this time, Ken is doing something very special – something he has never done before.

He is donating the first 50” print of one image – No. 1/300 – to be auctioned for charity. Bid now for No. 1/300 of the gorgeous print below – in your choice of frame, delivered free of charge.

Ken Duncan believes in giving back wherever and whenever he can. 

It’s no secret that Ken has a passion for our First Nations people. Or that he’s been working with Indigenous youth in remote Australian communities for many years. And for the past 14 years, Ken has been helping the Indigenous people of Ikuntji and surrounding NT communities construct a giant Cross on top of Memory Mountain.

This place has great spiritual significance for the local Aboriginal people, and they are eagerly looking forward to the economic opportunities that will come with tourism at this iconic site. Construction of the Cross is now completed. But before the Memory Mountain tourism precinct can be opened for visitors, amenities and infrastructure need to be built. And that is going to be very costly – especially in such a remote location.

So, Ken is releasing a framed print – No. 1/300 of the gorgeous image above to raise funds for that infrastructure.

This is an online auction only and it must close at midnight on January 31st, 2023.


Register and place your bid NOW.
Please dig deep for this most worthy cause – then keep an eye on the bidding so you don’t miss out. The chance to own number 1/300 of a Ken Duncan print doesn’t come along every day. It is very rare indeed. But this is a great cause, that is very dear to Ken’s heart. So, he is excited to be offering you this opportunity.

If you’re not able to bid on Ken’s beautiful auction print, you can still contribute to the Memory Mountain project at

The Indigenous people of the communities around Memory Mountain want this to be a first-class tourism precinct, providing a premium quality visitor experience, with a variety of cultural activities to choose from. But they know the amenities and infrastructure are not going to be cheap. That’s why they are extremely thankful to every person who has donated money and time so far for this important project, and to every person who will contribute in the future.