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Composition is Critical

After recent heavy rains, Somersby Falls was pumping. It was a pleasure to explore the many different falls, as the whole area had come alive.  I’ve had a love affair with this amazing location for over 30 years and, for me, it is all about waiting for the right conditions It was great to be here after rain to explore some new angles.

When it comes to landscape photography, composition is one of the most critical components.  You are basically shooting a 3-dimensional scene on a 2-dimensional medium. So, you need to try to convey the 3rd dimension in your image.  To do this, it is critical to look for the elements in an image.  Where you stand, and the angle you shoot from, can really affect whether your shot is going to work or not. You need to get the WOW factor in your images.  Moving just 6 inches to the right or left, or tilting the camera just slightly, can change the whole impact of the finished shot.

So, don’t just get stuck in one spot at a location.  Move around the scene and look at it from different angles.  Photography is a lot like life:  if you change your perspective, you will see things differently. If you get stuck in one spot – with one view – you may end up not portraying the scene well.

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