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Inspiring the Next Generation of Photographers

I love the art of photography and I believe if you ever aspire to know more about photography, or possibly one day to be able to sell your own work, you need to have an understanding and an appreciation of the art form itself. In other words, it’s not just about your work – it’s about seeing great things in others and being able to identify what it is in their images that touches you, or motivates you to the point where you would like to buy that piece to have in your collection.

If you genuinely have a passion for the photographic industry, then you should know when you see something which is unique, or has a certain X-factor.

When you sense that in a piece of work, you should not feel the need to copy it. You should be inspired to ask yourself how you can tell your own story better, so that your photos will also evoke such emotion in people.

People on social media can “like” your work, but what does a “like” really mean? I personally prefer people who like my work enough to buy it for their own walls. For me, that has moved from “like” to “love”, because people are willing to pay for a piece that they love.

During May, we exhibited the work of 2018 NSW Photographer of the Year, Ignacio Palacios. For me it was exciting to see Ignacio’s exhibition, as I believe he has some very collectable pieces.  I collected one of his prints and one of his Limited Edition Books.  Collecting other photographers’ work will help you fully understand the photographic industry.

Here are some of the things you should look for when considering whether to collect a photographer’s work or not.  Is there something unique about their images?  Does some of the work move you to the point where you would like to own it?  Is the photographer committed to their journey as a photographer?

If they are passionate about their love for photography, it means they are committed for the long journey, and most likely in the future their work may be a great investment.

We will visit Petra in Jordan at sunrise.  Very few people are there so early, so you will experience its grandeur without the crowds.  And the mosaics of Madaba …. I guarantee you will totally amazed at the quality and intricacy of these works of art.  I can hardly wait to get there because I regret not sending one home last time I was there.

What I like about doing exhibitions for other photographers, is they get to see all the elements required to drive a successful exhibition. We do these types of events to inspire the next generation of photographers. And for me, it’s just a lovely feeling when you can sit back and see a photographer emerging.

If you would like to know when we launch these types of events then please join my free VIP Club by clicking here.

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