Ken Duncan: Leading Landscape Photographer

Ken Duncan is one of the world’s leading exponents of panoramic landscape photography. He has been described as “one of Australia’s most iconic image makers” and “the Ansel Adams of colour photography”. There have been hundreds of outstanding commentaries of his work by renowned arts and media professionals throughout the world. But in his own words, Ken is simply “an average photographer with a great God”. There is no doubt he has been given an extraordinary gift to capture and present the splendour of creation.

Ken is an originator – not an imitator – which is why his work is so sought after by collectors. He was one of the first to promote photography as an art form in Australia and was granted an Honorary Fellowship from the Australia Institute of Professional Photography in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the industry. He is also the recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) from the Australian Government, and the Photo Imaging Council of Asutralia’s highest honour – the Gold Tripod. Ken’s artworks are owned by member of royalty and national rulers; by sheiks, spiritual leaders, movie stars and music industry icons; by major business leaders, investors, collectors and private individuals all over the world.

There is no compromise with a Ken Duncan artwork – it simply has to be the best. When you purchase a Ken Duncan Limited Edition Print you are investing in one of the greatest brand names in photography. Ken’s Limited Edition Prints have been selling for over 30 years. His work has proven the test of time and many of his sold out editions are now reaching record prices in Australia.

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