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Ken Duncan’s Holy Land Tour

It’s hard to understand the complexities of the Middle East and the Holy Land unless you have been there with people who really understand what’s going on.

Having spent quite a bit of time in the Middle East, I am looking forward to taking a group and helping them gain a deeper understanding of the people, the culture and the amazing history of the region.  I’m also looking forward to showing them where to go and what times to visit the various locations to give them a truly meaningful experience.  I am not into those “follow the flag” type tours.  We will be taking our group to locations that you will not see on normal tours.  Yet these are some of the most moving and historically significant locations.  But it’s not just about the history.  It’s important to have time in a location to be still and just ‘feel’ the place.  And most tours don’t give you a chance to do that.  Many people ask me about the Holy Land, which is why I’m doing this tour.  I want to share my knowledge so people better understand its mystery and complexities.  I believe the Middle East will feature strongly in our future, so we all need a deeper understanding of the area. This tour will help bring to life the stories you’ve read and heard, because true stories are always connected to a place.

Visiting the pyramids of Giza at sunrise is like going back in time.  Watching a sunrise over the Sea of Galilee, then having traditional food for breakfast and interacting with the locals, is so different from the usual tour group experience.  Watching a sunset from the Mount of Olives, as light dances over the city of Jerusalem, walking through the streets of the ancient city and having time to explore some of the unique bazaars and shopping areas – these are moving experiences.  We will go sailing down the Nile, not on some big ugly cruise ship with hundreds of other people, but on our own small craft, towing a felucca so we can take little side trips off the boat – or just for foreground interest for those amazing sunsets over the Nile River.  Or maybe you and your beloved would like to go for a romantic sail on the Nile!

We will visit Petra in Jordan at sunrise.  Very few people are there so early, so you will experience its grandeur without the crowds.  And the mosaics of Madaba …. I guarantee you will totally amazed at the quality and intricacy of these works of art.  I can hardly wait to get there because I regret not sending one home last time I was there.

We hear so much about Palestine, but how much do we really understand?  We will go into Bethlehem and we will also visit the Mount of Temptations in Palestine.  I will introduce you to some beautiful friends I have known for quite a while.  Meeting the locals will help you learn the facts – as opposed to the media hype.  Sometimes people are fearful of the Middle East, but you have to realise there has been tension in this region for thousands of years.  If you are with the right people, who are aware of what is happening, there is nothing to fear.  We are going with very experienced people who know what they are doing.  I’ve always had great guides and I’ve always been safe.

It’s important when you go to these nations that you go with people who have a deep understanding of the areas, and that’s what we’re doing.  I believe gaining a deeper understanding of the Middle East is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list.  So here’s your chance. Our 2019 tour is sold out, however we will be looking at announcing a 2020 tour in the near future. If you would like to be on our 2020 waiting list, please call the Gallery on +61 4367 6701.

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