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Ken’s Guide to Stitching Gear

I am constantly being asked by fellow photographers what equipment they should have for stitching. So, I’ve done some testing and now have recommendations for you.

As much as I love Really Right Stuff equipment, I acknowledge it can be a little expensive for many people. That’s why I was interested to test other equipment that is still great quality but not so expensive.

Below is all the information (with links) on the Sirui and Sunwayfoto photo equipment for a Tripod & Ball Head, L-Brackets for cameras, and Stitching Heads that I’ve been testing. I showed all this gear at my recent Capture One workshop.

The Sirui Tripod and Ball Head are great quality.  The L-Brackets for cameras from Sunwayfoto are also great quality.

The Sunwayfoto Stitching Heads – both Single Row and Multi Row – are good quality, too. One of the advantages with these heads is that you can set the degree of movement for your stitching, according to which lens you’re using and what coverage you need.  Having this accurate movement can be very handy for difficult stitches (for example, where there is moving water), as some stitching programs allow you to enter the degree of movement. That accurate information gives those programs better information to help align your stitches.

One of the best things about all the equipment I’ve tested is that it is reasonably  priced compared to some other brands.

The manufacturers of the gear I tested have offered our clients a 10% discount on any of their products.  To activate your discount, you just use the code kenduncan10 on either of these websites:

The discount should apply to whatever products you buy from the two websites above.

Please note, the information provided from my tests is entirely for your benefit. We do not receive any commissions or kickbacks when you purchase these products.

I believe you should have L-Brackets on all your cameras.  This makes for easier connection and alignment to tripod heads or stitching heads.

  • Tripod:

Sirui Pro Tripod R-3213X Carbon Fibre Professional Tripod. You may prefer a smaller model tripod, but make sure it goes up high and is sturdy.

  • Ball Head:

Sirui K-30x Ball Head

  • Pano System Multi Row:

Sunwayfoto CR-3015 360° VR Panoramic Tripod Head

For the Multi Row stitch head above, you will need this Bracket so it will clamp easily onto the L Bracket on your camera:

The only issue I had with this head, is I had to purchase a Bulls Eye Spirit Level so I could put one on the top of the rail.  The one on the Ball Head, and the one on the Rotating Panning Head, are not visible when the rail is attached.  You can get Bulls Eye Levels from Bunnings or online very cheaply.  Then just clue one onto the top of the rail with 5 Minute Araldite for easy levelling.

To see where I ordered them from click here.

  • Single-Row Pano Kit:

Sunwayfoto DMP-140 R Multi-Purpose Rail Nodal Slide:

It is best to get the shorter slide, as it has the bulls eye level on it and it’s good for wider lenses. Longer rails will not work with wider lenses as the front of the longer rail will show in your image. Remember, it is when you’re using wide lenses with their extreme foreground perspective variation, that you really need stitching heads.  These heads help ensure you can capture images that are shot correctly on the nodal point of the lens, so that they can be stitched by stitching programs.

Plus, for the above rail you will need:

Sunwayfoto IRC-64 Panoramic Indexing Rotator Panning Clamp.

I hope this information is helpful if you are wanting a good tripod or good stitching equipment.

Happy shooting – and Happy Stitching!

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