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Ken’s Top Tips for Planning a Photography Trip

When you’re planning a photography trip, you never know where the day might take you, so I encourage you to always be prepared.
  1. A well-stocked first aid kit is a must.
  2. Make sure you carry an alarm clock – these days a mobile phone usually does the trick.
  3. Always carry an umbrella and a water proof jacket in case of rain.
  4. Never leave home without a flashlight, a compass and matches just in case you lose track of time.
  5. In hot climates, always be sure to carry enough water.
  6. Have good quality waterproof bags or containers for your camera gear. That’s definitely the last thing you would want to get wet if it did rain.
  7. Always have a soft, clean cotton cloth handy to wipe your camera and lenses. I recommend a high performance microfiber cloth, which I have had specially produced for this purpose. These can be purchased by clicking here.
  8. Carry a small notebook or journal for location notes and other relevant information.
  9. Carry a multi-purpose knife.
  10. Always carry insect repellent.
  11. If you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, ensure they are neutral coloured.
  12. It’s often a good idea to carry twenty to thirty metres of good climbing rope, as you just never know where you will end up.
  13. If travelling in a wilderness area, take someone along with you.

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