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Cannonball, Tas

Catalogue Number: TA777
Edition: 50 only
Image Ratio: 2.4 : 1

Cannonball, Tas


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Storm swells travel thousands of miles over open seas to unleash their raw power on Tasmania’s west coast. Brooding clouds pose an ominous threat as a wave crashes on resilient shores. This shot is from my early days as a photographer, and looking back, I believe God was speaking to me here through His creation. The dark clouds and rough seas represent the pressures and turmoil of my world at that time. The crashing wave was my broken, selfish life. A narrow track is seen leading to the light. The sun, which brings life to the picture, is God. Today, I thank God that He has shown me the way and I no longer walk alone.


40", 50"


White, Black, Timber, Mocha, No Frame


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