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Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu, NT

Catalogue Number: NTX778
Edition: 100 only
Image Ratio: 3 : 1

Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu, NT



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In Kakadu, the close of the wet season makes for some beautiful photographs, and sometimes for some rather close encounters of the crocodilian kind! Not realizing this latter fact, my companion and I headed straight for these falls and waded in. As others visitors wandered by, we wondered why no one else saw fit to join us in the water. Leaving the park later, we remarked how much we had enjoyed shooting in the midst of the pond. The ranger looked shocked. Hadn’t we read the “No Swimming!” signs in the camping ground? We admitted that we hadn’t – that we had gone straight to the falls instead. He told us that a saltwater crocodile was still at large in this very location. They had been trying to track it and trap it after sighting it in this bottom pool. We suddenly realised why the passing tourists had looked at us so strangely (though it would have been nice if they had said something!). It just goes to show that even a scene as picturesque as this can have dangers lurking beneath!


40", 50", 60"


White, Black, Timber, Mocha, No Frame


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