Let There Be Joy, Sunflowers, NSW

Catalogue Number: NX3541 Edition: 100 only Panograph® Ratio: 3 to 1

Let There Be Joy, Sunflowers, NSW


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I found these sunflowers near Gunnedah, in country New South Wales. How fascinated I was to discover such a joyous-looking crowd. But it took a couple of days to find a location that would really work as a sunrise. And then it took another couple of days to wait for the right conditions, when the wind was still enough for a long exposure. However, when this photo finally ‘happened’, it transcended all the mechanics. The emotion of the shot then became uppermost. It was as if these flowers were awaiting their champion, their faces eager as they anticipated his arrival. How honoured the sun must feel to be greeted by such attentive radiance!


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