Life’s an Adventure, WA

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Life’s an Adventure, WA

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I have visited Hamersley Gorge on many occasions and one of the most amazing features of that area is the Spa Pool. As the name suggests, it is a small, natural spa carved out of the rock and fed by the creek. After shooting it many years ago from the front, I decided to try a new angle, as many other photographers have since captured the traditional view. This photo is taken from above the pool itself, where there is another spectacular area. Just as I was ready to take the shot, I saw an adventurous young boy who had seen the Spa Pool and was starting to climb up in search of other wonders. I thought it a perfect opportunity, as the young boy helps give scale to the scene. But, more importantly, he epitomises the spirit of adventure that can be in us all if we dare to look beyond the obvious.






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