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Mufasa – ed 2/300



This print is framed in a Black Box Frame.

Catalogue Number: KECF005049
Edition: 02/300
Image Ratio: 1:1

Mufasa – ed 2/300

In the Swahili language, Mufasa means king and this lion is certainly a majestic example of regal stature. This photo was taken on the Masai Mara in Kenya during the dry season and the lion is in his prime. He usually travels with a large pride, with several females and many cubs. But here, he is enjoying a rare moment of solitude, with the wind blowing through his glorious mane.  He is surveying his domain with a watchful eye, feared by all – except perhaps the elephant. Never be seduced into thinking that a lion at rest is not alert. If you were to make a false move, you would soon realise they are completely aware of everything going on around them.



Premium Edition




20", 30", 37"


White, Black, Timber, Mocha, No Frame

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