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Reflections At Avoca, NSW

Catalogue Number: NX1447
Edition: 50 only
Panograph Ratio: 3 : 1

Reflections At Avoca, NSW



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What a perfect way to end a day: strolling along the sand. Here, a beautiful sunset is reflected in the coastal lagoon that runs behind Avoca surf beach. The people are caught, as it were, between the two halves of the image, accentuating their escape from the cares of the world. I saw many people set off across the sand as I waited for the right light for this photograph. Most of them seemed weighed down by their private concerns. But by the time they returned from their evening walks, their burdens had seemingly lifted. It was as if their troubles had been cast into the ocean, or into the heavens above.


40", 50", 60"


White, Black, Timber, Mocha, No Frame


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