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The Labyrinth, Tas

Catalogue Number: TX1134
Edition: 100 only
Image Ratio: 3 : 1

The Labyrinth, Tas



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A shadowed foreground of grey rock and bleached trees forms a borderline between the dramatic heights of The Labyrinth and their mirror image in the near-motionless waters of Lake Elysia. With Mt. Geryon on the left and The Acropolis on the right, this glacier-hewn valley is one of many hidden delights that lie off the well-worn hiking tracks in Tasmania´s central highlands. Many people first discovered its stunning beauty through the work of the late Peter Dombrovskis (1945-1996), one of Australia´s great landscape photographers, and I dedicate this photograph to him.


40", 50", 60"


White, Black, Timber, Mocha, No Frame


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