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Timeless Sculpture, Maitland Bay


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Catalogue Number: NP10233663-71
Edition: 300 only
Image Ratio: 3 : 1

Timeless Sculpture, Maitland Bay

Maitland Bay in Bouddi National Park is a hidden treasure of the NSW Central Coast.  Getting there requires a little effort, but a half hour walk through lovely forest seems to cleanse you before you even get to the water. Being in a National Park, there is no commercialisation – just pure unadulterated nature as it has been for thousands of years.  I was fascinated by the rocks at the southern end of the beach and thought they would make a great foreground to add depth to this picturesque beach setting.  The wonderful patterns in the sandstone are evidence of how ancient they are and their turbulent creation. This 120 degree view was captured in the golden glow of late afternoon and on the horizon you can see the sail of a lone yacht.  The beach itself is beautiful, but for me these amazing swirling artworks crown this scene.




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