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Mist amongst the snow gums, Alpine National Park, Victoria, Australia.

Ken Duncan’s Photography Explained Seminar

Photography Explained - Orange, NSW

Join iconic Australian photographer, Ken Duncan, for this full-day seminar and get all the benefit of his 40+ years of experience in the industry. Read on to discover your members-only deal.

How often do you hear yourself saying, “That scene looked so beautiful when I was there, but my photos just didn’t catch the magic”?  By now you probably know, it’s not really about the gear you use – or its price. It’s something else, something simpler: your eye and your touch.

When Ken is not travelling the world with his camera, he teaches people how to become better photographers. Some are seasoned pros. Some are just starting out. It doesn’t matter, because Ken’s tips and principles are universal.

Ken is inviting you to his one-day seminar Photography Explained.
We don’t run these seminars very often. And we expect it to be sold-out quite quickly. So if what you just read interests you, please don’t hang about, because this could be your best chance to grab your seat. They are limited.

Get complete photography training from A - Z in one day – guaranteed


Coral Sea Room, Orange Ex-Services Club,
231-243 Anson St, Orange, NSW 


Saturday 9 March, 2024

What Time

9:00am to 5:00pm

What You Will Learn

  • How to get “the magical light” in your photos
  • The secret behind shots that make people say, “WOW”
  • Why composition could be more important than you may think …
  • And how to get it right
  • Why you probably already have all the gear you’ll ever need to take award-winning photos
  • How to avoid the 5 most common mistakes in photography

Plus, Ken will Clearly Explain

  • The startlingly simple elements of a prize-winning shot
  • How to see old places in a new way …
  • Plus, how to snatch shots no one else may know how to take*
  • And much, much more …

As you probably know, great photography is not about technical tricks or the latest Photoshop features. You need a complete process. For over 40 years Ken has perfected his – which he’ll share with you.

For example, you will learn simple ways how to work with the light, how to process – and even how to store your photos. The total package. Ken leaves nothing out. And you can ask Ken questions personally when you meet him.

Ken’s training is proven to work. Take a look at what some people said about his previous events.

What People Are Saying

You will also ...

  • Discover new shooting techniques that help you capture a clear image using your digital camera’s basic settings.
  • Get everything you need to know about image composition – this is the stuff that sets you apart from the amateur: rule of thirds, perspective, and specific details to help you capture scenes as you wanted.
  • Be updated with the latest in post processing, which will help you make the best photographs and use the latest after effects. Get the most out of your gear.
  • Know how to make a smart decision when you buy a new camera. And things your retailer won’t tell you.
  • And much, much more …

Basically, Ken will explain to you the whole process of photography and make it simple. So you can take prize winning photos, too. Success won’t happen overnight, but with Ken’s practical advice you’ll do better than without it. Make sense?

In fact, if you are serious about taking photos people will admire, can you really afford NOT to come?  Where else are you going to find as much expertise as in this event-

How you'll learn

Ken will share with you success principles from over 100,000 panoramic images he has shot in Australia. Many are award winners. And he has worked with all sorts of gear. Ken was broke when he started my career. But knowledge comes first. The gear second.

So, he’ll teach you for example:

  • The best time to shoot a landscape photo
  • How to take and make a panoramic image
  • Beyond focusing – the practical tips only experience can teach you
  • The vital few camera settings that can bring you the biggest results
  • How to find your magic eye
  • Probably the most common error amateurs and pros make – and how to avoid it
  • And more …

However, hoarding a ton of shots isn’t much of an accomplishment if they aren’t any good. It’s like a legacy of failure. You need experience – and lots of it – if you really want to be an admired photographer…

So Ken will also reveal what he learned from working with some of the world’s most respected magazines like National Geographic and Rolling Stone:

  • What it takes to get a famous publication to buy – and publish – your work
  • What’s it really like to work with celebrities like Mel Gibson
  • Plus few things what NOT to do – learn from Ken’s horror stories (the day is fun)
  • How to find unique places and capture them
  • Simple yet professional ways to catalogue and backup your photos for years to come

When your work is seen and even admired by millions of magazine and book readers, eventually you become famous. But fame is not all bad. It has helped Ken sell his work to movie stars, famous singers, Fortune 500 CEOs, collectors, investors, royalty and rulers – even Sheiks own my work. 

Not to mention how photography has landed Ken some sweet jobs in exotic locations (flights and luxury hotels paid by someone else, of course) with clients like Bank of America, American Airlines, Qantas, Fujifilm and many more. Plus the exclusive project with Mel Gibson and his epic movie The Passion of The Christ.

Sure Ken’s been lucky too – but not that lucky. So he will go into detail describing to you his worst mistakes. You are promised lots of laughs. And you’ll pick up valuable tips on how to succeed in photography whatever your goal may be.

How much does it cost?

Ken’s 4-day workshops are usually between $3,000 and $4,000 per person. And they include free personal advice from me.

But the ticket price for this exclusive one-day event is only $199 per person – or $180 for our VIP Club members. Compare it to other workshop prices and you see why this really is a fabulous bargain.

Due to the extremely limited number of tickets for this event, we expect to sell out quite quickly.

The workshop runs from 9 am to 5 pm.  Your ticket price includes your lunch, plus tea and coffee will be available throughout the day – and there will be lucky door prizes. .

Are you ready to book? I hope so. Because there’s only one Ken, and because of his extremely full schedule, opportunities to learn from him are rare – especially at such a low price.

The seminar is being held on a Saturday, so being there is as easy as possible to arrange for most people. I hope you come. And remember, once the tickets are gone, they are gone. Plus we are on a tight deadline…

Hurrrry! Book your seat before it’s too late …

P.S. There are limited places available for this seminar and they will sell out. Why not secure your seat now while it’s still fresh in your mind?  Registrations could close any time … (if your order is accepted, it means you are in).

Please decide now before the tickets are gone. The only way you can be sure you don’t miss it, is to book your seat as soon as you’ve read this.

You may have heard the old adage, “Beauty is all around us.” Well, it’s true. Ken has often been able to use his simple method to turn a completely ordinary scene into a photo which people later call “magical.” What’s his secret? Come to the seminar and you will find out.

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