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What is a Ken Duncan Boot Camp?

Life can get very busy and many people have trouble finding unbroken time to either learn about photography, or to put into practice the techniques and processes required to present their photos well. That is why we came up with the Boot Camp concept for a photographic workshop. Our Coastal Exposure workshop is your once a year chance to remove yourself from all the distractions of everyday life, and enjoy a fully immersive experience, with time to practice the skills you learn. We cover everything from capturing the images, all the way through to post processing your digital image files. It doesn’t matter what your current photography skills are. We will take you to a whole new level in your ability to capture and produce amazing images – and even to market your photographs if you want to. We will draw out your unique way of seeing and equip you with the skills you need to tell your story well. I’ve realised there are many people “teaching” photography who actually don’t have sufficient experience to give you cutting-edge information on our ever-changing industry. And that’s another reason why we designed our Boot Camp. Because of my passion for the photographic industry, I want to share my knowledge and all the latest information I gain from real life experience, to help others join me on this incredible journey.

During Coastal Exposure, we take you to some of my favourite spots on the NSW Central Coast – amazing locations – and teach you a variety of different techniques at each place. We will teach you how to compose images which have the WOW factor. We will teach you why you should shoot in RAW format, and how to post process your RAW image files. We provide 5 instructors, so no matter what level you’re at, you will not be held back by less experienced photographers, nor will you be pushed too hard by more experienced ones. Through our Boot Camps we have raised up some wonderful photographers over the years. And regardless of your current skill level, you will take better photos after this workshop.

The reason we base the event in a hotel, rather than allowing people to just attend daily, is because we know how important it is to keep you in the learning zone, so the info not only enters your head, but really sticks due to the hands-on execution.

Norah Head Lighthouse

Our Coastal Exposure boot camps have become quite legendary and this is one of the way I like to put back into the industry I love. But we can only offer one per year as I’m very busy with my own photography. So you would be wise to grab the opportunity as soon as it arises. I get great excitement out of seeing others reaching their full potential in photography.

We will visit Petra in Jordan at sunrise.  Very few people are there so early, so you will experience its grandeur without the crowds.  And the mosaics of Madaba …. I guarantee you will totally amazed at the quality and intricacy of these works of art.  I can hardly wait to get there because I regret not sending one home last time I was there.

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